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Jedi Survival escape popular landing points inventory introduction

2018-04-09 09:36:05

This article brings you the Jedi Survival battle of popular landing points inventory introduction, these popular landing points usually have a large number of and excellent environmental locations. There will also be many enemies. So how to survive successfully to the end?






Port G - The container, hospital, district and Lower city container areas have multiple warehouses that can be quickly searched by shuttle and can also provide preparation for close combat. The hospital is the easiest place to meet other players and fight with each other, but the ubiquitous cars are attractive, and it's easy to find weapons on the roof. There are many large apartments to search in the district, and the roof is the first priority, so it is safest to sweep from top to bottom. And supplies downtown carry some risks. Although there are a lot of supplies in Port G, there are certain vehicles, but the bread is to be divided among many people, so there are many enemies here, and they are ready to fight at any time.


Military bases Military bases are the best points on this map to scan for weapons and advanced equipment, but they also carry corresponding risks. From this point in the air you can see the whole roof and stairs, the house has a lot of equipment, and the geographical location is the best choice for the control area. However, it should be noted that the base is a very hot landing point, and you should always be prepared for the psychological situation of danger.


There are plenty of supplies everywhere in R City, schools and apartment areas. School is a popular landing spot for older players. R City is a landing point where danger and opportunity coexist. Note that cars in R City are easy to refresh in the garage. The south view of the water tower is good and is a priority position for ju hitters


There are eight building materials in Villa Villa, but it is estimated that it is a little small, but when it lands, it can avoid most of the team, and it is easy to find a car. As long as there is a car to the east, then the strategic advantage. 200 metres slower to the west there is an excellent defensive position, where a complex of high-rise houses offers a 360-degree view of the sky.


Horseshoe Mountain With five warehouses, two houses and a large military building, Horseshoe Mountain is rich in supplies, but will encounter stiff competition. You can control the area by looking at other buildings from a high point, but see if the limited supplies are worth it first. Landing on the roof of the southernmost building was the safest option, in case ju fighters fired into the valley.


N Port N port has a number of oversized containers, shuttle there is no bunker, but the material is rich enough to wuzhuang a team. Boat and car refresh representatives can quickly reach the main safe areas. Due to the rich materials and convenient transportation characteristics, N port has attracted a lot of experienced old players.