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Is it better to connect the network to the switch or router from the optical cat into the room?

2018-03-14 08:00:19

You are not advised to use the optical Cat as a routing device. The hardware performance of the optical cat is limited. If the optical Cat is used as the main route of a household, the network may be unstable. It is recommended to change the optical cat to bridge mode and use the wireless router as the sink node of the home network.


In the description of the problem, the author adopts the connection mode of "optical cat -> switch -> router". The optical cat is used as the first-level route of the home network, the network cable in each room is connected to the first-level route, and the router in the living room is used as the second-level route. The connection relationship is shown in the following figure.


If the optical Cat is used as a level-1 route to perform NAT address translation and route calculation, a large amount of CPU is consumed. However, the hardware of the optical cat is limited. Long-term use of the optical Cat may cause problems such as heating, resulting in network instability. It is recommended that the optical Cat is only used as an optoelectronic conversion device, and is only used to access the PON network.


Optical Cat change Bridge By default, optical cat uses the routing mode, optical cat PPPOE dial-up, complete broadband access authentication, simplify the operation of the client, and can implement plug and play. Most operators support the optical cat bridge mode, through the wireless router PPPOE dial-up, you can play customer service modification.


After the cat is changed to bridge, the function of the optical cat will be greatly simplified, just as a bridge device to use, home wireless router PPPOE dial-up, complete broadband access, wireless router as a home network aggregation device and routing device, user choice is more flexible, if the network performance does not meet the needs, you can use a better performance router.


This information comes from experience


In short, in the home network, there are a variety of networking schemes, the current network equipment has a lot of functions, optical cat has photoelectric conversion, routing function, switching function, wireless router has wireless AP, routing, switching function, in the home network can flexibly use all or part of the function.