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Introduce you to the most popular basic watches among the top five watches

2018-03-22 12:48:08

Watch update iteration speed, so that many watch friends are overwhelmed, a good watch will generally be loved by the public, especially some basic models, simple and practical to meet the requirements of the vast majority of people for the watch. In addition to the need to meet the basic requirements of the watch, the choice of basic models must also be a top brand, here to give you a specific talk about the most popular watch friends of the five basic models.

First, BlANCor Villeret series ultra-thin movement 6651 watch

Blancor Villeret series is one of Blancor's most classic watch series. The simple and pure lines reflect the aesthetic concept of traditional watchmaking. This Blancor watch adopts the classic three-pin shape, the Roman digital waist time mark, with the Lancet pointer, and the diameter design of 40mm, the power storage value is up to 100 hours. It is very in line with the needs of modern people for large diameter, but it is not so abrupt, showing a sense of elegance. At the same time, it is equipped with 1151 ultra-thin automatic winding movement and silicon spring, with a circular double bezel case, and Roman digital implicit beauty, which are the three main features of Blancpernet Villeret series.


Patek Philippe pin Ref.5127 In the Patek Philippe pin style, the first most people will think of this, this watch at the time of launch with a smooth case line, shoulder deduces into a classic, can be said to be the most unbroken Calatrava, but now all have been discontinued, Has gradually withdrawn from the stage of history, as Patek Philippe's most classic formal dress table 5127 although normal, but the pursuers still have a certain base.


Third, Audeube Royal Oak stainless steel 15400ST Speaking of Audeube, have to mention their Royal Oak series, octagonal shell is the most basic royal oak features, this three-pin steel watch, with 41 mm case, equipped with Audeube self-produced 3120 automatic winding movement, although it is a large diameter watch, The maximum power storage value that can be achieved is 60 hours, which is slightly less than that of the long power Popper.


Iv. Vacheron Constantin Heritage Series 85180/000R-9248 Watch This Vacheron Constantin three-pin watch continues the classic design of its heritage series. The Maltese cross logo on the crown tip and buckle is very characteristic of Vacheron Constantin and is a symbol of the ultimate elegance of Vacheron Constantin. Power up to 40 hours, although it is a basic model, the price is not too cheap.


Five, Breguet 5177 watch simple three-needle shape, with "big fire enamel" dial, using Breguet self-produced movement, characteristic Breguet Pointers and numbers, in order to achieve the most beautiful effect, Breguet needle is not one molding, but by two sections of the glue, in the power to be better than Jiang Stenton, but many friends recognized Breguet watches are more pick people, And the price is relatively high.


These basic models condense the creative inspiration and concept between their different brands, even a simple three-pin model can also see the good intentions between brands, will win more friends love. END