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Installation method and specification for zinc steel shutters

2018-04-20 14:24:48

We in the purchase of blinds in addition to see whether its appearance is good or not, in advance to measure the size, now there are two main installation of blinds, one is open, the other is dark, the order of blinds, dark installed in the window lattice of the blinds, its length should be the same as the height of the window, the width is smaller than the window around 1 to 2 centimeters. Open installation is to hang the blinds outside the window, then the selected blinds need to be about 100px wider than the window, and the height below is about 300px longer than the window. We can refer to the specific installation.


Finished zinc-steel shutters have been made


Installation master and related installation tools


Accessories for fixing blinds are T-shaped and seven-shaped, and they are fixed in the same way.


One end is fixed with an expansion screw on the wall, and one end is fixed with a self-tapping screw on the outer width of the shutter


Accessories are generally galvanized sheet stamping, with anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties, such accessories are not easy to rust, strong and durable.


In addition to considering the width of the product blade, the number of layers of the installed product should be considered during the push-pull installation


Generally, the two-layer push and pull need 15CM depth to ensure the blade activity, and the single fan needs 10CM depth; Reserve a depth of 10CM for folding installation

Matters needing attention

Check the ordered zinc and steel shutter products, quantity and specifications according to the signed agreement


Find the entity professional manufacturer processing custom


The product ordering and installation method of zinc steel shutters guardrail sister can be provided here


You can go to Jinyinfeng zinc steel blinds home to see, field verification