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India Business trip precautions?

2018-03-20 00:00:00

Most people do not know much about India, what should be paid attention to when coming over, in our impression as if India is like a hostile country, in fact it is not.




Indians a lot of people, slums are also a lot, some people will reach out and you ask for money ah, you don't have to pay attention, don't feel very angry, it is normal in India, don't go to ignore them, see them don't talk don't ignore, go your own way, they won't find you trouble


India's pollution is more serious, just come may not adapt, because there are a lot of cars, a lot of dust on the road, so you can bring a few masks to come, just don't adapt to the time with a mask on the line.


Just because India is tropical doesn't mean it doesn't have winters. Look at which city you go to, Delhi and Hyderabad are far apart. Now Hyderabad is very cool, although it is in summer, but the temperature is not high, that is, thirty-four degrees, so it is very comfortable. But it's over 40 degrees in Delhi right now, and it's hot, and you're guaranteed to be sweating all the time. So, what clothes to bring and how much you should bring, weigh it out for yourself and see where you go. Generally India is in the winter from November to February in the Gregorian calendar, Hyderabad is like this, the weather will be cold. When the time comes, you need to wear a coat, wear a long pants, and wear a coat to deal with it, it won't be very cold. It may get cold at night and you need a light comforter. The rest of the time is generally hot, and when it is not hot we call it cool, because it can never be cold, unless it is raining heavily and blowing strong winds.


Tap water can not be directly drunk, to be boiled after drinking, boiling water is best to use bottled mineral water health


India is a religious kingdom with countless gods and temples. It is customary to take off your shoes when visiting a mosque. No photographs are allowed in temples, especially where bodies are burned.


Entry: Every foreigner is required to submit an entry card to India at the time of entry and exit. The entry card is usually issued on the plane or filled by the tour leader. The entry card is an English form. The exit card should not be discarded at random. It should be kept so that the airline personnel can verify the number of people when disembarking the plane. When going through the immigration formalities, one copy of the immigration card will be torn off and the other copy will be left in the passport. Please do not lose it. If you lose it, you will need to fill it again when leaving the country.


Exit: The checked baggage at the airport needs to go through the security check first, the registration card after packing, the hand baggage needs to be affixed with the airline label, so that the airport can be stamped during the security check, and the baggage needs to be reconfirmed after entering the customs. After entering the customs, the men and women should be separated during each security check, respectively entering different rooms for inspection. The hand luggage and the body will be checked. The inspection in Mir is more stringent, requiring four inspections and requiring foreigners to fill out questionnaires. Photos are not allowed at Mir Airport, and all electrical batteries and lipsticks must be placed in checked baggage. The security laws of the Mill region must be strictly observed.


Bring plenty of toilet paper, because people in India do not use toilet paper, so there are expensive sanitary products.

Matters needing attention

If you work for a long time or travel for a short time in India, you can buy a SIM card in the local area more frequently, such as AIR TEL, HUTCH, etc., to save money, please know the tariff standard when buying, most of the recharge cards are tax deductible.