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Illustration of the correct sleeping position of a pregnant baby

2018-03-15 08:00:00

This experience shares the correct sleeping position of the baby.


Newborns sleep on their back, side and stomach. Under normal circumstances, it is best not to use the prone sleeping position, because it is easy to suffocate the baby. The newborn's sleeping position is best to alternate between side sleeping and supine sleeping, that is, left lying, right lying and supine lying.


Supine supine is conducive to the baby's facial features and facial development, symmetry, can make the muscles relax, the heart, lungs, stomach and bladder and other body organs will not form a sense of pressure, but also allow parents to directly observe the baby's face when sleeping.


The baby's sleeping position can be described as strange, some like to sleep on the back, some like to sleep on the side, and some are more willing to sleep on the stomach. Each position has its own characteristics, and the choice of which sleeping position should be based on the safety and comfort of the baby.


Sleeping on your side can reduce the retention of secretions in your throat and make your airways more open. Secondly, when the baby sleeps on his side, especially on the right side, food can smoothly enter the intestine from the stomach, which is conducive to digestion. If milk vomiting occurs, the vomit will also flow out of the mouth and will not cause ventricular breathing.

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