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I'd like to take you to Aden more than anything else in my life

2018-05-01 09:36:00

I hope there is a person like you, the cool wind in the mountains. Use more gorgeous words can not say the beauty of Aden, or personally experience the feeling of being there, feel its shock. The film "Passing by Your World" caught fire in Aden, so more and more people flocked to the snow-capped mountains and green lakes. Hope there is a person like you, carry out the future, several times the road of life.






The five-color sea, the beauty of the world, the legend can "invert the history, predict the future" of the five-color sea under the sunlight, colorful. The plants at the bottom of the lake grow lush, and form a variety of strange patterns after death, making the five-color sea sacred and mysterious.


The most beautiful season in Aden is undoubtedly autumn. Its autumn will be so beautiful that you can't close your eyes. Aden in autumn brings together scenery you can't imagine, you can enjoy yourself in this grassland, lakes, forests, snow mountains.


The Sea of Milk is under the Sea of five colors, and it is difficult to climb this part of the road, but it is also the only part of the road, and of course, it is the highest scenic spot in Aden Scenic area. Looking from a distance is the crystal clear light blue lake, because of the surrounding sand and stone called "milk sea". The color of the lake will be greatly reduced when you walk in, and it will be extremely cold once it is not illuminated.


The location of Chonggu Temple is the best in Aden scenic area. Standing in front of Chonggu Temple, the head of the blue exaggerated sky, feet on the green and green grass, the distance is a thousand years of snow mountain, behind the sleeping canyon, Chonggu Temple is like the gate of heaven, outline the fantasy of the divine realm.


Luorong Cattle Farm is located in the arms of three sacred mountains, which is the best location to see the three sacred mountains. Cattle and horses enjoy the sunshine and grass here peacefully, the snow mountains are very close, the sky is very blue, everything is the feed of nature.


The three snow mountains are mysterious, graceful and majestic. They are named after the three Buddhist masters, Senai Ri, Manshu and Chano Dorjee. The head of the three snow mountains is soaked with noble temperament of the "Senni day", Mr. Shano Dojilock described it as a bat that spreads its huge wings and throws to fly, and it is more powerful under the sun.


Love is a pure thing, can not be mixed with any impurities. A trip with someone you love is worth it. To say I love you on the last piece of pure land on the blue planet is such a sacred picture. If you want to have such a fairy tale, go there.

Matters needing attention

The temperature difference between morning and night is large, pay attention to keep warm.


It's a tough ride. Be prepared