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"I am Special Forces," who plays Trifen

2018-04-12 06:24:58

"I am a special forces" Cuifen is played by Ye Huan. Ye Huan, born on November 14, 1983, was admitted to the Provincial Art School in 1996, and is currently working for the frontline theatre Troupe of the military region. Representative works "I am the Sword of the Special forces", "Romantic Lover", "Provincial Party Committee", "Beautiful China Knot". Extended information: Ye Huan plays the fiancee of Li Erniu in "I am a Special Forces Soldier". Li Erniu comes from the countryside and his father is an authentic farmer. What attracts Fan Tianlei's attention is his simplicity and perseverance beyond ordinary people. So that he can bear hardships more than the average child of the same age, and Li Erniu's childhood living environment also has a good impact on him, but also let him become particularly timid and inferior. When he just entered the army, Li Erniu was often bullied by other soldiers, at this time, Li Erniu's perseverance beyond ordinary people to play the ability, he constantly became strong with his own efforts, not only to win the friendship of teammates, but also to practice let He Chenguang, Wang Yanbing are impressed by the skilled knife and superb cooking. Reference source: Encyclopedia - Ye Huan