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How were the classes at Tulane?

2018-03-18 06:24:48

180-year history of the Freeman School of Business, Tulane University, Ranked in the top 50 in the United States (U.S. News & World Report 2012), one of the founding members of the American Alliance of Business Schools (AACSB), the MFIN program ranked 3rd in the United States. 30th in the world (Financial Times 2014) 3rd in the world in Finance (Financial Times 2013) 2nd in International Business (Financial Times 2013) Entrepreneurship Ranked 5th in the world by subject (Financial Times, 2013)


Semester 1 Financial Institutions & Markets (CH) Finance (CH) Econometrics (CH) Semester 2 Financial Regulation & Law (CH) International Finance (CH) Investment & Asset Pricing (EN)


Term 3 Valuation (EN) Options & Other Derivatives (EN) Fixed Income Analysis (EN) Term 4 *Risk Management (EN) *Portfolio Management (EN) Financial Case Discussion (EN) Optional Chinese Macroeconomic Situation (CH) Private Equity (CH) Mergers and Acquisitions and Asset Restructuring (CH) Note: Standard * Course: Students are required to attend Tulane University for two weeks. Standard CH course: Professor, Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, all Chinese. Standard EN Course: Taught at Tulane University Business School, all in English.