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How to use PS to change three dimensions into two dimensions

2018-04-13 06:24:20

Animation of all kinds of scenery is always so beautiful, three dimensional not satisfied: I am beautiful every day. (╯^ cooperate)! Clever use of PS and other tools of the filter, to make the same effect as the painting, to create your own second world. After proficiency can also try the character image oh ~




Adobe Photoshop CS6【PS CS6】


Camera Raw filter


You need pictures


Open Photoshop, drag your image into Photoshop and crop it to a 16:9 ratio


If there are some miscellaneous things on the picture, you can simply pick at them, and continue without them. ↓ Select [Filter] → [Filter Library] → [dry stroke], the value is shown in the figure.


After completion, the image size is adjusted to 1920X1080, which is convenient for later operation


After determining, choose filter → oil painting, the specific value is still to feel yourself, you feel that it is like a painting, so there is no parameter to affect everyone


The most important Camera Raw is about to appear, this filter seems to PSCC is direct, but the owner is using PSCS6, so you have to download another, you know, after the load can go on, because the owner is also a beginner, the method is more stupid do not be surprised. ↓ After the operation of the fourth step → oil painting parameters are set, save a picture in JPG format, wherever you can find it. Just turn off Photoshop after saving the jpg and don't save anything else.


Re-open PS, step by step ↓① drag the image saved in step 5 into PS, and the Camera Raw filter operation will appear


② In the first column - [Basic] column to do the value adjustment, [shadow] and [black] to highlight the dark part of the photo, the highlight can be enlarged to facilitate you to wait for the P sky, the value follows your feeling


③ In the third column - "Details" column to do the value adjustment, "amount" to expand, hold down the Alt key while pulling "mask", you can see the outline of the line, pull to you feel clear stop


④ In the fourth column - [gray level] column to do numerical adjustment, want to highlight what color to enlarge what color, try to be harmonious, follow the feeling to complete the above tasks, choose to open the image, you can enter PS


① Double click on the background layer, a layer, click OK ② Use a magic wand or other tools to give the sky behind P, and then replace it with the quadratic sky we find ourselves [Copyright note → The sky material I use is the sky map of "five centimeters per second" found on the map network]


③ Drag the found sky footage into PS, you can use camera raw to adjust the image properly, and then drag it directly onto the image, adjust the layer order, so that the sky is behind the building, press ctrl+T to adjust the sky size


④ Select the foreground image - [Layer 0], adjust its contrast and brightness appropriately ⑤ Select the background image - [Layer 1], adjust the curve properly after the completion can be saved! Your second world! Scatter flowers!


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