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How to use old peach u disk for Shenzhou computer with win8 change win7

2018-05-07 01:36:06

At present, most of the computers purchased are the default installation of win8 system, which brings trouble to many users, because the use is not used to, the following is a look at how to convert the computer to win7 system!


Insert the usb flash drive into the USB port on the host, press F2 to start the bios, switch to Security, move the cursor to Secure BOOT Control, press enter, and select Disabled from the pop-up box. In this way, the computer can recognize the installation of the USB flash drive boot system. As shown in the picture:


Next switch to "Boot", move the cursor to "Launch CSM", and also press enter to set it to "Disabled", as shown below:


Then move the cursor to "Boot Option Priorities", set the USB flash drive as the first choice, and save the USB flash drive according to the shortcut key prompt in the lower right corner, as shown in the picture:


After the computer enters the old peach menu, select the old peach win8pe, as shown in the picture:


After entering the win8pe system, select the version to be installed from the image file path in the old peach pe one-click installation tool, take win7 flagship version as an example, as shown in the figure:


This information comes from experience


Click "OK" in the query box, as shown in the picture:


Next start to restore to the flagship version of win7, in this process please wait patiently until the computer restarts, as shown in the picture: