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How to use Meitu Pat selfie video?

2018-03-29 06:24:48

I have never taken a selfie before, so I recently downloaded a beautiful photo pat program, want to experience the fun of taking a selfie and the function of the program, and now write it to share with you.


Meitu Pai


Search from Meitu official website, download a Meitu pat program, install it, start the program.


Let's start by setting the scene, setting the stage as you would in a play. Click the Scene button to display a variety of scene styles for you to choose from on the right, click one of them.


Then set up the animation effects to add a bit of movement to the video and look more youthful. You can also set the border and camera effects and so on.


After setting up, start recording, click the video button, countdown 3 seconds to enter the recording state. This is when you can make all kinds of moves and improvise.


Click the End button to end the recording.


At this time, the video is automatically saved in the Meitu Pai video library, click the video library to open the video library folder and find the video that has just been shot. Click the video below to open it and watch it.

Matters needing attention

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