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How to use light cat respectively connect computer router Internet

2018-03-14 04:48:29

At present, all the networks are upgrading, and the previous 20M felt full of happiness. Now upgraded to optical fiber, the network speed immediately increased to 100M, feel the heart expanded. So how to use a cat to connect to a computer and a router to access WIFI? Let me give you a demonstration!


Optical cat




Desktop or laptop


Number of network cables


1. When installing the network cable, it is equipped with the corresponding optical cat. The workers will help to install and debug, but I like to debug myself, more freedom. Let's take the light cat for example.


2. Get to know the Optical Cat The model and basic information of the optical cat are below, and the power supply and interface are on the back. From left to right, they are switches, power supplies, fixed-line ports, LAN1 and LAN2 ports, and PON optical fiber ports. Connect the indoor optical fiber port to the PON optical fiber port of the optical cat. LAN1 connects to the network cable, and the other end connects to the wireless router. I here LAN2 interface, access to the TV set-top box, convenient to watch TV.


3. Connect the router to the WAN port of the router and connect the network cable from Optical Cat. Their own [interface 1] connection to [computer], also available interface 2, 3, 4, 5 to connect to the computer, the same effect. Such a composition of the line, the desktop connected to the stomach wired, or notebook pad can be connected wirelessly.


4. Check the computer connection and ensure that the connection is normal. Open your browser and set your wireless account and password.


1. Connect the optical cat; 2. Connect the wireless router to the computer; 3. Check whether the computer is connected to the network properly and set the password of the wireless Internet access account.

Matters needing attention

If the indicator is green, the device is working normally