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How to use Haier water heater? Haier water heater use precautions

2018-03-22 08:00:36

How to use Haier water heater? In order to better and safer use of Haier water heaters at home, let's take a look at the steps and precautions for the use of Haier water heaters.


1. After installation, the water heater is used for the first time because there is no water in the inner tank, the tap water inlet valve and outlet valve must be opened first. After continuous water outlet, the outlet valve is closed, and the power supply is switched on after checking that there is no leakage at each interface. 2, Plug in the power, the display screen from the left turn on, while the buzzer will have a prompt tone, the machine into the standby/shutdown state or the working state before the last drop. 3, press the temperature adjustment button below the temperature, you can set to the desired temperature.


4, continuously press the temperature adjustment button, you can quickly lower or increase the set temperature, set the temperature between 35℃-75℃ cycle switch. 5, press any key except switch machine or do not operate for 6 seconds the system will automatically confirm the setting. 6, the water heater has automatic constant temperature control function, when heated to the set water temperature, it will automatically enter the heat preservation state.


Precautions for the use of water heaters: 1, before the inner tank is full of water, do not turn on the power supply, so as not to cause failure to the machine. 2, hot water above 50 ° C may cause burns, be sure to adjust the water temperature to the appropriate temperature before the family, especially the child. 3, the water heater power cord should be placed in the water can not be flooded, it is strictly prohibited to control the power supply with wet hands. If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by after-sales or specialized technical maintenance personnel with cables that meet national regulations. 4, when the electric water heater is seriously soaked by water, it must be tested by professional and technical personnel before use again.


5, do not place gasoline and other flammable items near the water heater, otherwise it may cause fire and other accidents. 6, in the case of enough water heaters, try to lower the set temperature, which can reduce heat dissipation and reduce high-temperature corrosion and scaling, and the service life of the water heater. 7, water heater water if there is white turbidity phenomenon is normal, this is because the pressure of the dissolved air in the water is reduced after heat expansion, overflow to produce bubbles (similar to beer foam), no pollution, harmless. 8, the water discharged by the electric water heater (including the water after high temperature heating) can not be drunk.