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How to use a single treasure discount

2018-02-12 09:36:00

Shop marketing tools single product treasure can achieve discount promotion of goods and a single SKU, the setting effect can be accurate to points, the use of setting up flexible, small series for you to explain in detail the difference between goods and SKU discount methods.


Shop, single product treasure


Open the background marketing tool in turn, single product treasure, we can see that the setting page is divided into four classification options: activity management, SKU level activity goods, commodity level activity, activity effect.


Click on the upper right corner of the activity, set the activity name in turn, the name setting now can not be randomly named, the specification of the activity naming gives several commonly used options, can only choose the close. The activity description is equivalent to the activity memo, for the seller to read. Start and end times, needless to say, set your own. The discount level here is the default product level, all the links to a single product are discounted, of course, if you want to discount a single color SKU, select SKU. The preferential way is generally to choose a discount, here also supports the preferential treatment of targeted groups, you can circle the crowd inside the customer operation platform and then choose. Activity package is not recommended to check, if you need to package mail to the freight template can be set up.


After setting SKU level activity and commodity level activity item, you can view the corresponding item in the respective activity options, here you can edit the item or exit the activity.


The data effect of the activity can be selected for 7 days and 30 days to analyze and view, and the activity can be modified and integrated at any time according to the different effect analysis.

Matters needing attention

The event Settings package conflicts with the package in the tool template, which takes precedence over the template