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How to use 80,000 yuan to decorate a house of 88 square meters

2018-02-26 20:48:00

The cost of buying a house is not low, the way of decoration is divided into clear packages, and the whole package, and the different prices of each decoration method are different. A three-bedroom house cost 80,000 yuan to decorate, you want to know how to decorate? Today Xiaobian will show you how to decorate a modern style house in Poly Kwun Tong community. Come and learn! Taste a cup of tea, enjoy a cluster of grass flowers, looking for this noisy world in the pure leisure. At the beginning of communication, the owner is in a high intensity, high pressure work state, overtime every day, is a typical "workaholic", so around the following two points, the designer for the owner to create a pace of life "slow" some good living room decoration can add luster to the decoration effect of the whole family, popular furniture, home appliances, large photography color photos, Can make your home charm out of the ordinary, four walls bright; Can fully reflect the host's taste.


The bedroom is where we rest, so Xiaobian suggests that it is best not to put too many electrical appliances, which will produce radiation affecting our body, so Xiaobian is not recommended to put a TV in the bedroom, there is an air conditioner and other small appliances can be! Bedroom sockets and air conditioning holes must be left well in advance, in case we need.


The main color of the grey and white space is paired with the white oak headboard made by the woodworking site to contrast the cold and warm space


The second bedroom can be said to be a girl's heart explosion, and the wall with bean paste powder makes the space active because the bathroom floor often walks and cleans, so the degree of wear will be very large, so the ground is still recommended to lay floor tiles, convenient and durable. The general economical method is to brush epoxy resin paint, diverse colors, as long as the concrete base surface of the wall is smooth and flowless, the effect will be very good, and the construction is also very simple.


Exquisite and practical bathroom, pink and white. With exquisite mirrors, the entire space storage is beautiful and the restaurant is the main part of the home, and the layout of the restaurant can not only create a comfortable dining environment, but also add color to the entire space. There is a warm, loving restaurant, the family is happy, is how happy a thing.


Take green as an example, the green of green Onions reflects the cool feeling, as if you are in nature. The following is the layout of this 88 square meter three-bedroom house in Poly Kwun Tong Community.