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How to understand food culture

2018-04-01 01:36:13

The dishes have always been called Jingsu dishes, and the chefs call themselves "Jingsu Gang". Duck technology has a long reputation; Famous special snacks are aftertaste duck blood noodles soup, Lion King House Lion head, Yin's chicken soup, cake, "unforgettable" pickled fish, green willow Ju and so on. Duck cooking techniques have long been famous, as early as 1,400 years ago in the Southern Dynasty recorded. In addition to Jinling duck, duck, salted duck, roast duck, Jinling sauce duck, crispy duck, eight treasure pearl duck, salted duck gizzard and so on also have their own characteristics. Food street The Big Shiba Street and the Lion Bridge on the road of Fuzi Temple are famous food streets, with many special snacks, such as aftertaste duck blood fans, Lion King's House Lion head, Yin's chicken juice soup bag, cake ball, "unforgettable" pickled fish, green willow House, etc. In addition, many delicacies scattered in Xinjiekou and near Nanda are also recommended by many netizens. In addition, generally go to the Confucius Temple will taste here delicious old duck noodles soup, taste very good.


Salted duck is salted and air-dried, divided into two kinds of salted duck and spring salted duck. Because of its tender and tight meat, like a board, so the name duck. History: The duck is famous at home and abroad. Ming and Qing dynasties spread "ancient academy, glass tower, dark satin, salted duck." The folk song, it can be seen that the duck has long had a reputation. The production technology of duck has a history of more than 600 years. In the Qing Dynasty, local officials always selected new duck with good quality to pay tribute to the royal family, so it was also called "tribute duck". Court officials give duck as a gift to each other when they visit each other, so it is also known as "official duck".


Salted duck Salted duck can be made all year round, the curing period is short, now sell, now buy and eat, should not be long hidden. The white meat of this duck skin is tender, fat but not greasy, fragrant and delicious, with the characteristics of fragrant, crisp and tender. The salt-water duck around the Mid-Autumn Festival every year has the best color and taste, because the duck is made in the blooming season of osmanthus flowers, so the name: osmanthus duck. History: Salted duck is a famous specialty with a long reputation and has a history of more than 1,000 years. "White Gate Recipe" records: "Jinling August period, salt duck is the most famous, everyone thinks that the meat has osmanthus fragrance. "Osmanthus duck" long food is not tired, is a good wine. It seems that it has become a secular ritual for visitors to buy a bowl of salted duck on holidays or weekdays.


Dry silk "dry silk" has a set of unique manufacturing methods different from other cities. Those tender but not old, dry but not broken dry silk, are specially made for tofu, tofu cut thin, with a variety of soup ingredients cooked well, mixed with sesame oil and good soy sauce (local called "three days to draw autumn" soy sauce), the entrance is fresh and long aftertaste. Its price is reasonable, moderate temperature, fragrance, more sweet, therefore, regardless of spring, summer and autumn, as a bedtime snack, for a long time for the local people. Varieties: The original dry silk soup and meat oil shredded meat several, after the Republic of China, new varieties continue to increase. In the mosque there are roast duck dried shreds, Kaiyang dried shreds and so on; In the meat restaurant there are dried bamboo shoots, dried mushrooms, dried crab roe, chicken and so on.


Sugar porridge lotus root sugar porridge is another common food in the past snacks, every night, in the rice sugar boiled water, fried Yuanxiao, Dingdang dumplings, tea eggs, etc., after the cry, then came "sugar porridge - lotus root!" 'shouted. How to eat: This porridge is made of general glutinous rice, which has both thick rice soup and clear grains. Put brown sugar in the porridge, and then increase the lotus root segment, when eating, the lotus root segment is cut into thin slices, mixed into the porridge, the lotus root is lavender, the piece is dark brown, the rice grain is light green. This is sweet porridge lotus root for all ages.