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How to treat guests etiquette?

2018-02-23 14:24:00

When the guests arrive, will you be surprised? Respect the guests, but also learn to treat guests, otherwise let the guests in their own home can not come down, they are also very embarrassed, then how should be treated? Let's take a look!


Receive guests




Whether it is business dealings or friends' parties, they will come into contact with guests, how to do it without making mistakes and do it well? Do nothing, do things well, make people feel that they can do the job.


There are several ways to learn from: behavior, gentle and elegant. Listen carefully to others, say a few words occasionally, listen more than you talk. A person's behavior can explain whether a person has self-restraint and whether a person has quality, so we must pay more attention.


Greet politely and pay attention to etiquette. If you don't have a wide range of knowledge, when communicating with learned people, listen carefully, even if there is no common language, but this etiquette is worth making friends.


Be sincere and tolerant. Don't bite on people, leave a way out for others, can't die. From the facial expression, reveal their sincere meaning, let people feel very good, this friend is worth communicating with, leave some retreat for others, do not let people down.


If you have a guest of honor, be sure to go out and greet them with a smile. Guests enter the door and extend a warm welcome. When the guest comes, be sure to say polite words, let people feel like spring breeze, do not let the guest feel that the host is too stiff.


When the guests want to sit, they must sit on the top, the host does the company, warmly greet, talk about development, talk about the plan. The host does the company, let the guests sit on the top, after all, is the guest to the home, if it is the leader to visit, it should sit on the top.


When a guest says goodbye, he goes out and the host says, "Go away." After the guests have left, close the door gently, remembering to slam the door.

Matters needing attention

Pay attention to your hospitality.


Mind your manners.