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How to transform old tiles without smashing them

2018-01-11 16:00:00

In modern society, ceramic tiles have become an essential decoration material in our daily life. Or affixed to the wall of the courtyard, or affixed to the inner wall of the room, not only adds a lot of visual beauty, but also makes people have a clean and tidy feeling. However, in some cases, due to limited economic conditions, some friends will buy second-hand houses or live too old houses for a long time, and the tiles are easy to lose or even crack, so how to do the old tiles for secondary use? I'm going to tell you about it today.


Used tile


Reconstruction method


Old tiles should be thoroughly cleaned. Tiles are easier to be filled with all kinds of dirt, such as scale, oil stains and so on. It is recommended that when renovating old tiles, the surface should be cleaned and treated with a special decontamination paste, and the tile gap can be dipped with a toothbrush to remove dirt and avoid affecting the progress of future decoration.


Old tiles can be re-colored When the tile after a long time of wind and sunshine and rain wind blow, it is easy to fade and crack. If you do not want to smash and repaving at this time, it is recommended to use special enamel paint on the tile for painting and beautification, so that the tile can restore the past and smooth. However, pay attention to the painting must avoid painting in the wall seam, so as not to affect the overall look and feel.


You can glue old tiles Either online or in business, will sell a special adhesive for the floor. Its operation method is also relatively simple, only need to stick it on the tile can, not only can cover the tile, but also because of its colorful pattern and add a lot of vitality to the room. It is recommended that when purchasing, we must carefully consult the staff about the use of adhesive tape to avoid wasting materials because we do not know how to do it.


You can lay new tiles on the old tile if you do not want to take a lot of trouble to remove the old tile, then you can directly glue the new tile to the old tile through some special decoration products, such as adhesive, etc., please consult professional workers for specific operation methods, in addition, if the old tile has a large crack or swelling, must be removed in time, Avoid uneven walls or floors.


You can lay the floor on the old tile This method is similar to the fourth step, are laid directly on the old tile. However, it should be noted that the old tiles must be thoroughly cleaned before laying to avoid the breeding of bacteria and microorganisms, and it is recommended that we must have a comprehensive understanding of the overall area of the home, the height of the door frame, etc.

Matters needing attention

Always consult a professional decorator


Good luck to you all