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How to tell whether the watch is true or false

2018-03-31 03:12:31

A truly fine watch


Never leave any regret to the buyer, from the appearance to the movement of every place of workmanship is delicate to make people move. Therefore, the famous watch is really worth the money. But at the same time, counterfeit watches are slowly beginning to fill this not a huge market. In order to let our consumers not be deceived by these illegal businesses, the following ten million will introduce the method of "how to distinguish the authenticity of the watch" to you, so that you can rest assured to buy a real watch.


First of all, we must be very familiar with the movement model and movement logo used in the real watch, and if we meet the false watch at the bottom of the transparent watch, we can distinguish the authenticity at a glance. Secondly, we should carefully observe the words of the movement, the word engraving of the genuine movement is clear and beautiful, and the fake watch is rough and has no aesthetic feeling. Finally, it is necessary to have a deep understanding of the performance of the movement, such as the chain mode (manual or automatic, one-way or two-way), the sound of the movement when it travels, etc.


Watch box and certificate watch box workmanship also reflects the value of the watch, the high-end watch box is very sophisticated, the certificate will also be printed on the watch model and unique production serial number, we call it "birth paper". Some certificates will have pinhole drilling technology to play the watch on the certificate to prevent counterfeiting some Swiss watch brands.


The mark of the watch icon includes the band mark, the buckle mark, the bottom mark, the ear mark, and the pattern and number mark unique to the gold watch.


Look at the appearance of the subtle place to first carefully observe the appearance of the watch, including the appearance of polishing: see whether the polishing of the watch is delicate, the grinding of the watch is very particular, and the process of the fake watch is far from it. Font: The font of the real table is full, and the fake table is lack of confidence. Function: Most fake watches will work hard on the function, which is a breakthrough to see through the fake watch. Many of the functions of the fake watch are ornaments (such as the moon phase, calendar, tourbillon, etc.) in fact, there is no such function. Pointer: An authentic pointer can be distinguished from a fake in terms of length, thickness, shape, and material. For example, the "blue steel pointer" often used by high-end watches, the pointer color of the real watch is full of faint blue, which is fired by a complex process, and the blue of the fake watch is brushed up. Plate surface: The common plate surface of high-end watches has enamel surface, guet engraving process, metal radiation plate surface, shell plate surface, etc. Some watches have their own unique technology, such as Rolex computer plate, Cardia's pure gold plated silver engraved plate surface. Diamonds and setting process: Look at the setting process, the quality and size of the diamond. Swiss women's watch brands are very different from domestic women's watch brands.


Watch glass The glass of the general watch is made of sapphire crystal glass, the simplest way to distinguish is to tap the finger on the glass surface, the real sapphire mirror will emit a crisp sound.


Look at the hidden places observe all the corners, the inside of the strap (the lead is numbered). These are the most difficult to do fake watches, but also the most easily ignored by buyers.


Look at the label at the bottom of the watch to look at the label at the bottom of the watch, usually there will be a brand logo on the label, and there is a watch model number identification. Some watches will also have laser laser anti-counterfeiting on the bottom label.


This information is taken from experience without authorization


Watch strap The belt of the high-end watch uses high-quality crocodile skin, hand-stitched, regardless of the material process is superior.


Look at the digital logo Look at the bottom cover of the table on all the numbers related to the logo, the fake table is usually irregular, and even the number of digits of the real table are not corresponding. True tables are numbered individually.