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How to tell if Chanel lipstick color 116 is real?

2018-03-22 14:24:24

Chanel lipstick 116 color is very popular, but this kind of big lipstick is easy to buy fake products, after all, a lipstick will be three or four hundred, to buy fake is a big loss. Today I'm going to teach you how to tell the real color of Chanel 116 from the fake.


1. Look at the printing of the logo. The printing of fake lipstick is very rough, while the printing of genuine lipstick is very neat, as shown in the picture.


2. Look at the details of the work After the fake lipstick is opened, the details are very rough, because the work is to save costs, so it is not perfect.


3. Look at the bottom of the bottle Fake lipstick has a slight bulge on the bottom and the body of the bottle, while the real lipstick has a smooth bottom on both parts.


4. Look at the cream physique Chanel 116 color is a matte texture lipstick, and the fake is made into a moisturizing style, pan.


5. Look at the same problem as the bottom logo and the surface logo, the bottom logo will also be very rough, and the authentic icon is more tidy.


6. Look at the lipstick color. The real one is the bottom one, a little redder, while the fake one is a tacky rose red.


7. If you look at the top of the lipstick, the fake one's body will bulge out more than the real one, which is very obvious, as is shown in the picture.


1. Mainly look at the logo, the bottle logo and the bottom logo should be looked at, the logo of the genuine product is fine. 2. Look at the details. Real lipstick won't go wrong in the details. 3. Look at the color test, the color of Chanel 116 is not so rose.