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How to take Chinese wedding photos

2018-02-26 22:24:00

Is the Chinese wedding photo in the impression is the robe, the phoenix crown and Xia Pei? Or is it Hanfu? Or what else?








Classical Chinese red, representing happiness and auspiciousness, today focuses on offering you a new sample of ancient Chinese style wedding photos, so that you can feel the perfect fusion of modern and ancient, and make wedding photos more fun and unique.


After the wedding, perhaps the passion is not in, the days tend to be dull, surrounded by tea, rice, oil and salt sauce and vinegar tea, once independent 2 people, together to form a home. Perhaps the day is not as free as before, but with the other half of the company, some hard, always let people feel happy.


Ask the husband in a low voice after the makeup, the eyebrows deep and light. Gently lift the cover, you can see the beautiful appearance of your wedding clothes. Peach, burning its Hua, the son in return, appropriate to its room home. Let me hold your hand and make a promise to grow old together.


The popularity of Chinese wedding, but different dynasties, the groom and bride are also different, Tang Dynasty marriage happy dress women elegant sexy, men gentle and elegant. In the Tang Dynasty, men's wedding dresses were more complex. It's like a man's position. Women are more subtle.


A lifetime of joy, only for you bloom. I would like to sing a song with you forever. The noble and elegant blue and white porcelain blue and the warm and festive Chinese red light up the blue brick and black tile in the leisure court, the red light is hung high, the double happiness is covered, and the carved attic is full of happiness. Your love has impressed us as much as this special Chinese wedding.