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How to take an online self-examination

2018-02-26 04:48:00

In today's exam, there are many kinds, self-examination, exam, network education, correspondence, etc., of which self-examination is a more difficult academic examination, today I will teach you how to take an online self-examination.




Self-examination subject arrangement


First, find your local exam website and open the first entrance to find your own exam.


Fill in the self-examination registration information, fill in your information and upload a photo, and exit after completion.


Then take the login self-examination again to choose the major and the subject.


At this time, take out your self-examination subject schedule, check the table to choose the subject to be tested, remember that after the selection can not be changed again, so the first choice to think about the subject you want to test.


After the selection, you must pay the fee, because the self-study only supports online banking, so you must have your own online banking or find someone else to borrow one, and then pay the fee, if you can reimburse or keep as a receipt you can print out the payment documents.


Collect the bills after paying the fee, this time the self-examination subject notice has not started, wait until the self-examination subject is about to start the exam, log in to the self-examination system again, print the self-examination subject notice, this self-examination subject notice must be collected, if you do not know your major and subject code at the time of the exam, the self-examination notice is there; Even if you forget your admission ticket, the self-study ticket can prove your identity.

Matters needing attention

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