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How to start dry cleaning for beginners

2018-03-24 17:36:35

Beginners want to open a dry cleaning, need to pay attention to a lot of places. I hope the following sharing can help you.


Dry washing machine, washing machine, dryer, ironing table, etc., about 60-70,000

Step 1. Select a site

I personally think that dry cleaning does not need to have a good location, on the one hand, the rent is relatively expensive, on the other hand, the area does not need to be too large! Choose in the community can, the rent here is not very cheap, compared to the shop is much more cost-effective. Community service, that's it. If the service is in place, there is no need to worry about the source of customers. Community, many families will come to your dry wash laundry! END

Step 2: Money

Although we already know about the site, we said at the beginning how much start-up capital is needed! If your financial capacity is limited, you need to think about it. Dry cleaning equipment has many thousands, plus you shop simple decoration and rent, should also be around 10W can open it!

Step 3: Go it alone or join

Dry cleaning now there are a lot of can join, the above said that the novice dry cleaning, I feel that if you join a dry cleaning, it will be better. Because you do not have any experience and relevant knowledge, what clothes do not know how to wash, if it is to join you have professional training and later guidance. Not only to solve your operational problems, but also to solve your dry cleaning routine problems. With the support of enterprises, it may be more suitable for beginners.

Step 4: Do you need someone

Dry cleaning. You're just getting started, and you feel like you can handle it. If you feel too busy, you can also ask Mom and dad to join. If you want to score later, you need to recruit outside!

Step 5: Be principled

Why do you say that? The community, everyone is more familiar. If you randomly discount or very low price, will disrupt the market order, not to say, later you want to regulate it is difficult! So, start with strict pricing. Don't let affection problems disrupt your business.

Matters needing attention

Various expenses should be saved (including rent, decoration, etc.)


Service attitude must be good