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How to spot investment scams

2018-04-27 01:36:07

As the saying goes, "If you don't manage your money, finance ignores you", you should pay attention to the method of managing your money, and the method is wrong, not only can't increase the value of your assets, but also may be lost. Especially now the Internet fraud is constantly emerging. How to identify online investment scam? Financial experts teach you a few tricks


High-yield micro-loan: The micro-loan industry has been popular in China for 10 years, but there are serious problems such as lax supervision, and qualifications and risk control vary greatly. Especially those that claim to have a high yield of 30% per month, etc., are actually a drum game, and once the borrower has a problem, your funds are likely to be lost


"High-yield" insurance: Because a lot of insurance has become substantive financial management, many of its so-called insurance products are actually a financial product, not what everyone thinks of as insurance. It could be a portfolio fund or even a microloan.


Institutional pull up: mainly seen in the market, there will often be people suddenly send information in various investment groups, or small Windows you, say my agency pull up tomorrow what, with or without, to entice you to pay for cooperation, once cooperation, your funds either lose, or give them.


Spot investment analysts: Often spot practitioners tell you that spot investment can make money by buying up and selling down, unlike losing money, they have professional analysts to help you operate, ensure that you can make money, and soon become rich. In fact, the analyst is just to let you operate frequently, earn fees. There's a paradox here. Spot is a market maker transaction. If investors make money, it won't be long before the futures all go out of business


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