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How to soundproof the upper and lower floors

2018-04-20 09:36:10

In the modern society, the buildings are densely covered and the population is large, and there is often noise interference on the upper and lower floors. For this problem, we can take the following methods to soundproof treatment:


1. Laying carpet: carpet as a sound insulation material, can effectively absorb and block the spread of sound. Laying a certain thickness of carpet on the stairs or inside the stairway of the house can reduce the spread of footsteps and other noises.


2. Install soundproof doors and Windows: Install double glazing, sealing strips and other soundproof materials on indoor doors and Windows and balcony doors and Windows, which can prevent the communication of indoor and outdoor air and noise.


3. Install soundproof panels: Install soundproof panels on walls, ceilings and other locations, which can reduce noise transmission through reflection and sound absorption.


4. Hang sound insulation curtains: Choose curtains with sound insulation effect, which can slow down the indoor and outdoor sound communication and improve the living environment of residents.


5. Installation of sound insulation ceiling: Installing sound insulation ceiling indoors can not only absorb some noise, but also beautify the indoor environment.


In short, there are many ways to do the upper and lower floors of sound insulation, it is best to consider according to the specific situation, choose their own sound insulation measures. It is necessary to pay attention to indoor ventilation, timely cleaning of garbage and other living habits, which can also effectively prevent noise pollution caused by the indoor environment.