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How to send a table tennis ball

2018-03-31 20:48:01

Table tennis serving needs a strict standard to observe, because the incorrect serving mode not only affects the antagonism and intensity of table tennis matches, but also some wrong serving mode affects the development of table tennis, these non-standard serving techniques will be prohibited. So what kind of serve is a legal serve? What are the rules of table tennis serving? Today we will understand the correct table tennis serving method and serving rules!


When serving, the ball should be placed motionless on the palm of the non-holding racket, with the palm open and flat.


When the player serves, the contact point of the ball and the racket and the line of the net posts on both sides of the net should not be covered by any triangular area.


When hitting the ball, it should be behind the end line of the server, but not beyond the part of the server's body (other than the arm, head, or leg) farthest from the end line.


The server must lift the ball almost vertically with his hands, without spinning it, and so that it rises not less than 16 cm after leaving the palm of the non-holding hand.


When the ball is lowered from the highest point of the toss, the server may hit the ball so that it first touches his own court, then over or around the net device, and then touches the receiver's court.


From the last moment when the ball is still before the toss to when the ball is struck, the ball and racket should be above the level of the table.

Matters needing attention

It can be found from the above several points that the first, second and third points mainly emphasize the basic action when serving, that is, the ball is thrown vertically in the palm of the hand and the body or arm cannot be used to cover the serve. Article 4 mainly emphasizes the timing of hitting the ball when serving, that is, not hitting the ball at the highest point. Article 5 mainly emphasizes the batting position when serving, that is, the batting should be behind the end line on the table and the batting position should not be behind the body.