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How to save oneself from a fire in a high-rise building

2018-05-09 00:00:38

After a sudden fire in a high-rise building, it is necessary to calmly observe the fire situation and environment, quickly analyze and judge the fire trend and the possibility of disaster development, seize the favorable opportunity, choose reasonable escape routes and methods, and race against time to escape the fire scene.


After the fire, you can follow the light or indication sign to escape. Never take the elevator, so as not to power out or out of control.


When there is a fire in the room, you can extinguish it with a fire extinguisher or fire hydrant at the first time, and at this time, you should also call the people around to participate in the fire fighting and alarm. If the fire cannot be controlled, it should be evacuated immediately and the door should be closed when leaving to prevent smoke from entering the channel. After escaping the fire, do not worry about the items left indoors, and then return to get.


When the fire is in other rooms or floors, you should touch the door handle with your hand before opening the door. If the temperature of the door lock is already very high, or smoke is drilling through the door, it indicates that the fire outside is already very large, do not open the door rashes; If the door lock temperature is normal, or there is no smoke in the door, it indicates that the fire is still some distance away from itself, at this time, you can open a door crack and observe the situation outside. When opening the door, one foot should be pressed against the lower frame of the door to prevent the heat outside from blowing the door open and spreading the fire. Get out of the fire as soon as you are sure that the fire is not a threat to you.


When the fire and smoke have closed the channel, all doors and Windows inside the door should be closed to prevent air convection, delay the spread of the fire, and use some cloth to block the gaps in the doors and Windows. If conditions exist, you can pour water on the doors and Windows to reduce its temperature and wait for rescue. Can not blindly jump out of the window, to send out a signal for help.


When you leave the room and find that the fire is on this floor, you should run to the nearest known emergency evacuation exit as soon as possible, and the fire door should be closed in time. If the corridor is blocked or surrounded by smoke, the height of the body, especially the head, should be lowered as far as possible, and the mouth and nose should be blocked with wet towels or clothes.


This information comes from experience

Matters needing attention

Never dive under a bed, in a closet, or in an attic to try to escape flames or smoke during a fire. These are the most dangerous places in the fire scene, and they are not easy to be found and rescued by firefighters. You must not use the general elevator as an evacuation channel, because the elevator is easy to produce a chimney effect or power outage, but let people in a more dangerous situation. When you escape, you can dampen the towel and fold it over your mouth and nose. When there is no water, a dry towel will also work. Cloth napkins, masks, and clothes can also be substituted. It is necessary to stack several layers, increase the smoke filter area, and cover the mouth and nose tightly to prevent the carbon monoxide generated in the fire from choking people to death.