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How to save energy in decoration

2018-04-12 22:24:34

◎ Eight tips for cold insulation ① If the original external window uses a single glass ordinary window, it may be replaced with a hollow glass broken bridge metal window. If the home has a window facing west or east, an outdoor sunshade device can be installed outside the window to reduce the high temperature caused by direct sun exposure. ③ Try to choose curtains with thick cloth and good thermal insulation effect. When decorating, do not pack a radiator, and do not play furniture on the heating. ⑤ Do not let the construction workers destroy the internal insulation layer of the original wall. The transformation of the balcony and the inner room is connected, and the insulation layer should be installed on the balcony wall and the top surface. ⑦ Installation of closed insulation effect good anti-theft door. ⑧ Installing a seal on the outside door window can also keep heat. ◎ Kitchen and bathroom decoration in the decoration of water-saving toilets can choose double control water-saving toilets, and install men's urinals. The decoration of the bathroom can be used with the bathtub and shower. On the one hand, try to shorten the distance between the water heater and the water outlet. On the other hand, the hot water channel should be insulated. In the kitchen decoration, it is best to install two basins and install water-saving faucets. In addition, install flow control valves under faucets in cabinets and bath cabinets. ◎ The power of the lamp determines whether to save electricity or not. There are also some ways to install energy-saving lamps and install induction lighting switches in the bathroom. Try not to choose too complicated chandelier. Do not arrange too many spotlights in the design of the living room. Lamps and lanterns can be closed as far as possible. It is also necessary to reasonably design wall sockets, minimize the connection board, and choose sockets with control switches that are not frequently inserted and removed. In the choice of electrical appliances, the installation of energy-saving household appliances, conditional use of solar water heaters.