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How to repair a household electric kettle

2018-03-24 08:00:06

Electric kettle maintenance, electric kettle is usually composed of two parts, the above is our common electric kettle, the following is the separate power base, the following Xiaobian teach you how to repair the household electric kettle, regular maintenance can be electric kettle use date.


Electric kettle






Remove the electric kettle first, and then turn the separate power base over. There are four fixing screws here, and remove them one by one with a screwdriver. The electric kettle is mainly composed of a round base and a power socket and a cable that coincide with the bottom of the electric kettle.


After the fixing screw is removed, we can see the internal structure of the separated power supply base. The part connected with the power cord in the middle is the socket, which is set in the form of a ring.


When the kettle is put on the baffle is pressed down, the internal ring contact plate will be in contact with the internal ring contact plate of the electric kettle. We will unplug the plug connected to the power cord. The common fault of this part is poor contact or oxidation of the contact part.


Next, we disassemble and test the electric kettle. There are several fixing screws at the bottom of the electric kettle, and we remove them one by one with a screwdriver. Now we are disassembling the base of the electric kettle.


Now we have opened the bottom of the electric kettle, which is the bottom of the electric kettle. With the heater of the electric kettle, the temperature protector of the electric kettle, and the fuse of the electric kettle, he installed the steam power switch inside the sleeve. When the water is heated, the automatic power switch will automatically disconnect, and the steam guide will correspond to the steam hole of the electric kettle. When the water is boiled, the hot steam will be induced to the contact plate of the automatic switch through the steam guide, and the automatic switch will be disconnected when the contact plate is popped, so that the electric kettle will stop heating.


Check whether the control button is in good contact with the power off switch, then remove the steam guide to see if there is aging, continue to remove the fixing screw fixing the switch, we are taking the guide off, this is the power off switch, this is the contact sheet pressed down the electric kettle to work, unplug the shadow line behind.


First of all, we use a multimeter heater to detect both ends, and the normal tissue has dozens of ohms, and the resistance value measured is too large or too small, indicating that the heater is never in fault.


Next, we detect the temperature controller and use a multimeter to detect the resistance value of the temperature controller. Normally, the resistance value of the temperature controller is very small. If the resistance value measured is very large, it indicates that the temperature controller is damaged.


Next, check the fuse, the fuse damage will make the hot kettle can not work normally, and finally we test the steam automatic power off switch, to test whether the switch is good performance.

Matters needing attention

It is worth noting that some electric kettles are set up with a special screw, and such screws should be removed with a special screwdriver.