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How to raise a 4-month Pomeranian

2018-01-08 04:48:00

Pomeranians are small dogs that are active, playful, alert, and intelligent and curious. Raising a Pomeranian can bring a lot of joy.




When Pomeranians are between four and seven months old, their baby teeth begin to change. During the tooth replacement, be careful not to let it chew hard things such as bones, tables, chairs and doors. At this time, biting hard objects is easy to make the teeth inside and out, which affects the appearance and also affects the future chewing food. You can give it rubber non-toxic toys to meet the needs of the bite when changing teeth.


Outdoor activities: Four months of Pomeranian, except winter, other seasons can bring outdoor activities. Although the indoor space can meet the activities of four months old Pomeranian, but often outside Pomeranian, through sunlight, will be more robust, and not easy to lack calcium. Outdoor can also increase the Pomeranian's knowledge, cognition, can avoid sudden sound caused by panic.


Food: Four months old Pomeranian can be fed puppy food. Regular home production of puppy dog food, nutrition can basically meet the requirements. Feed 80% full, three times a day. Good dog food will make Pomeranian livelier, coat color, reduce the production of tear ducts.


Drinking water: Water and food are equally important, plain water or clean water from the water purifier can be. The unpolluted water will make the Pomeranian fur fluffy, the color of the fur looks natural and not gray, and the eyes are sparkling. Clean water also helps eliminate toxins from the body.


Hidden dangers: Pomeranian is curious, should pay attention to the present security risks. The installation of wall sockets in the home should not be too low to prevent Pomeranian curiosity from biting the plug and causing electric shock. Also pay attention to the electric kettle and other heating appliances, Pomerang is very smart, if you find that there is a dog food under the heating appliance, it will stretch its PAWS to reach, so it is easy to burn. Remove all hidden dangers and give the Pomeranian a worry-free space.


Interaction: Four months of Pomeranian, needs the owner's caress, likes to play with the owner. Interacting and playing with the Pomeranian will make the Pomeranian healthier, more active, and live longer. Interaction is the fastest way for a puppy to build dependence and trust on its owner.

Matters needing attention

Put away sharp objects.


Good dog food.