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How to quickly tie easy to learn good-looking long hair

2018-03-28 00:00:20

In summer, many small partners were hot bangs and unwilling to cut off bangs. Then air bangs have become the first choice for many small partners. Here is a small series to introduce you how to quickly create air bangs.


Combs, curling irons, hair curlers


First brush the hair smoothly, do not let the fringe stick too much on the skin of the forehead, and then take out the middle of about 3/5 can be. Not too much.


Then heat the curling iron, depending on the power of about 15-20 seconds can be, do not need to be too hot.


Grab the middle section of hair you just selected and hold it in place with a curling iron. About 45 degrees from the top to roll down for about half a minute.


After the roll, use your hand to push the bangs into 2,8 points, or 3,7 points. Then you can achieve the following effect:


But if you want to make your bangs permanent, it's best to use a coupon clip. Curl the bobby pin into your hair, again at 45 degrees, and hold for about 10 minutes. Note that the curler should not be too large, so that the effect will be more like a big wave rather than air bangs. As shown below:


Finally, you can use a styling spray, about 50cm away, spray to create a styling effect. At this point, you can get a refreshing day of air flow sea.

Matters needing attention

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I am not an expert, there are shortcomings welcome correction, but!