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How to quickly open success on the platform, strength dry goods introduction

2018-03-29 08:00:07

How do I open it? There should be some friends who just use it do not know how to sell things on it, here the little sister brought you a three-step method to sell things in the APP, I hope to help you!


Business license


Account opening permit


Trademark registration certificate


Brand authorization letter


1, first use the browser to search, and then click on the official website to enter, as shown in the figure


2, in the upper right corner of the official website can see investment cooperation, click investment cooperation, click to enter


3. Select the red third-party merchant on the left side to settle in, and click to enter the third-party merchant to settle in

Method/Step 2

4, if you have not registered an account before, you need to enter the email for account registration before you can open


5, after the successful registration, the password will be sent to your email, please pay attention to check in time.


6, then enter the mailbox page, log in to your mailbox, view the account password information.


7. Return to the registration interface just now, click on the below to return to login, and log in with the mailbox number you just registered


8. Enter the user name and password on the login screen, click Login, and enter the verification code to log in


9. After entering, read the entry rules, and then click Next to view the merchant entry manual.


10. Fill in the corresponding entry information, submit it for review, sign the contract and pay the deposit after the review, and finally settle in successfully. Wish you success

Matters needing attention

As of April 15, 2018, more than 9,600 light users around the world have shared their lifestyle of eating, dressing, playing and buying on the app. In the community, users record the positive energy and good life of young people in this era through the sharing of text, pictures and video notes, and accurately and efficiently match massive information and people through machine learning. It has a community e-commerce platform - "", which was named" China Brand Award "on behalf of China's consumer technology industry by People's Daily on December 24, 2017. The uniqueness lies in: first, word of mouth marketing. There is no better way to increase conversion rate than real user word of mouth, such as users will definitely read user reviews before buying something on the website. There is a real user word-of-mouth sharing community, the entire community is a huge user word-of-mouth library. Second, the choice of structured data. The community has accumulated a large number of consumer word-of-mouth, as if tens of millions of users discover and share good things from around the world on this platform, in addition, users' browsing, likes and favorites will generate a large amount of underlying data. Through these data, the needs of users can be accurately analyzed to ensure that the purchased goods are highly respected by users.