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How to publish experience

2018-04-09 04:48:52

Now outbound shopping is more and more popular, many people choose to go to Hong Kong, the United States, South Korea and so on shopping, if we want to share shopping experience, then how should we publish?




First of all, we first its official website, after opening the page on the right side there is a "login" button, click the button, you can choose to login and login.


Click the login button to jump to the page as shown in the figure. At this time, we will find the "Publish your experience" button in the page, and click it to enter the publish interface.


When publishing, pay attention to oh, we must carefully fill in the "summary", there is no good cover page, it does not matter, the editor will take the initiative to add a suitable cover for your summary.


Click the publish button will be successfully published, then your published article will be in the editor's review library, which shows that we have been published successfully, and then you can see your experience on the website.

Matters needing attention

Experience can be copied and pasted