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How to promote mobile app

2018-04-19 12:48:04

Nowadays, mobile apps have filled our lives, more and more mobile apps, more and more competition, as the app market personnel are most concerned about the problem of pulling new, then how to promote mobile apps, the next Xiaobian will introduce it.


Apple, Android and other application markets put mobile apps on the shelves, and carry out ranking, so that your app can be quickly found through keyword search.


app users pull a new reward, give the old user a red envelope reward, let it pull to the new user can withdraw cash, so that old users to help promote the APP.


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Push the way to promote app, you can ask people to go to shopping malls, parks and other places where the flow of people is relatively large to push, and users refuse to carry out small gifts and other forms of app.


Through a certain number of fans or public accounts and other new media platforms to promote, there are some big V or master on the eight, you can let it write some soft articles or rewards to let users download the app.


The use of video advertising promotion, users watch the video to join the download app advertising, it is best to use some celebrities or network celebrities to promote.


To attract users through their own content marketing, this is mainly to improve the user reflection and trust of users on the app, your app either has high content quality, or is beneficial to users and other own advantages to pull new.


Mutual promotion between apps can attract registered users through mutual recommendation between the two apps, your users to me, my users to you, to achieve a win-win purpose.

Matters needing attention

Do not over marketing, to do a good job of user experience, new people naturally flow.