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How to prepare before having a second child

2018-03-21 11:12:37

On October 29, the full implementation of a couple can have two children policy, actively carry out to deal with the aging population, since you can give birth, then we should do some preparations, Xiaobian believes that we need to do at least the following points.

First, through their own customs

Now planning to have a second child is not rich, can afford, or no money, "one is so raise, two are so raise", and more people are hesitant to give birth, Xiaobian believes that no money, no money, we can give birth, we can prepare to give birth, let go of heart, two people who are not very familiar to meet, the most asked question is "how many people in your family?" Instead of asking "How much money does your family have?" Therefore, Xiaobian believes that since the country has liberalized its policy, why can't we pass the pass of our own?

Second, pass the "boss"

"Will your son give you a sister?" "No, I threw him away when he was born." Before giving birth to a second child, you must do a good job of thinking about the "boss", tell him that you do not need to be so lonely with a brother, the family will love you as before, and if you have a brother, you can also talk about the interesting things between you and your brother. Let the "boss" hope, willing you to live, to respect your "boss", get his permission.

Third, the woman is prepared

With the second child, you may have to be ready to be a stay-at-home mother, the most important psychological preparation, ready to accept his arrival, ready to be patient enough to take care of him, endure his disturbance to you at any time, ready to play, on, play games in the future scattered time can not be used to play, and then the body is ready, women on the ring, get the hospital to take off, do maintenance, listen to the doctor's arrangements.

4. The man prepares

Or psychologically can not have too much pressure, you can prepare a name for the newborn in advance, see the milk powder, and then the male compatriots who smoke, start to smoke less, do not smoke, do not drink, and exercise more. We have to prepare a certain amount of money.

5. Let nature take its course when giving birth to boys and girls

Many of the first child is a man, the second child wants a girl, the first child is a girl, the second child wants a boy, Xiaobian wants to say is, give birth to boys and girls naturally, this is not what you want to decide, since the plan to have a second child, it is necessary to have boys, girls can be psychologically prepared, let nature take its course.

Six, responsibility, and family responsibility

This is what you plan to have a second child must have, some after 80, 90, only born, do not raise, let parents raise, Xiaobian want to say that this is you do not have a sense of responsibility and family responsibility, since they are planning to have a second child, as parents we need more responsibility and family responsibility, so that your children, your family will be happier.

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