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How to play the guitar well

2018-04-01 14:24:17

Now more and more people begin to learn to play the guitar, and the pursuit of music dreams has become the heart of many people. I think, if you can pop out your favorite music and sing it is a very happy thing. So learning guitar well gives us a big plus. Can play the guitar is a talent, not only in their leisure entertainment, but also to learn some moving songs to play to their girlfriend to listen to, enhance the feelings of both sides, if there is no girlfriend, there is no relationship, can play the guitar is easy to find a girlfriend!


Ballad guitar




Play every day and persevere. Practice the piano for at least two hours a day (like many guitar masters play eight or nine hours a day), and spend half an hour practicing basic skills before practicing the piano, like climbing grids and scales, which must be practiced every day. But I think if you have the conditions, you should find a tutor to teach yourself, or someone who can play guitar around you to teach yourself.


Be proficient in fingering. Every song is made up of individual chords, and there are many chords in the guitar that need to be memorized and practiced. Try not to look at your hands when playing, otherwise it will affect the overall feeling of the song and weaken the effect of practice. Practice slowly, watch more experience and videos on the Internet, learn more about the experience of others, take less detours, but still need a lot of practice.


Choose a good guitar is very important, for beginners, many times to see whether they are on the spur of the moment or really have the patience and perseverance to learn, if it is just like playing, then I suggest that as long as you buy a few hundred dollars of guitar is completely enough, but if you want to learn for a long time, and they are very, very like it. Then I suggest you buy a single guitar and the price is basically more than a thousand dollars. Slightly better in more than two thousand, so it is still based on personal economic strength to decide their own guitar,


Rhythm training. You can buy a metronome to match the rhythm. You can't play guitar without rhythm. So you can play the beat yourself and practice your sense of rhythm. But again, learning the guitar is a continuous practice process, only continuous practice can make their guitar level better and better


Play the same song in different keys. When practicing the guitar, many people choose to play songs in a key they are more familiar with, using sharps to rise and fall. But I suggest that in the usual practice as much as possible to practice each tone, do not stick to their own situation.


Try to expand your song library. If you've learned the basics, it's time to start demon training! When looking for music, you can find some complex to play, like some original music on the Internet, which is carefully considered by the musician. Don't fret when you practice this piece, just practice slowly. By this time you can buy a guitar book on the Internet, the general book has a lot of popular songs now, if you can practice diligently, I believe that your guitar level will be higher and higher


Play with emotion. Think about how you're going to play before you play. Prioritize. When playing, you can close your eyes to feel whether the melody you pop up is satisfactory to yourself. You can also listen to the original song in the interpretation of the song is with what kind of feelings, and then imitate. When the music you talk about has its own emotions, it will attract the emotions of the people around you to join it, and it can liven up the atmosphere. Sad music must have a sad expression, and happy music must have a happy mental state. Their own body shaking, their own investment and intoxication degree will directly affect the emotions of people around them, so it is very important to maintain their own mental state


Learn more about music theory. Many friends who learn guitar hope to write their own original works in the future, which requires solid music theory knowledge, if it is difficult to write a good song by feeling. After learning the guitar for a period of time, you will gradually not be satisfied with some of the skills you have mastered. I think now you can find some people who have a common hobby to learn from each other. After all, if you have the same hobby together, your love for playing the guitar will be greater


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Be patient to learn guitar and practice every day.