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How to play Subtropical Paradise Forest Park

2018-03-28 17:36:33

Subtropical Paradise Forest Park is located in the city of Asia tourist resort, with the famous Asia integrated. The park is located in the international first-class mountain ecological tourism and ecological resort forest park, vegetation types are tropical evergreen rain forest and tropical semi-deciduous monsoon rain forest. Its biology, geography, sky, hydrology, culture rich and colorful, landscape construction to the utmost ecological nature, can carry out mountaineering exploration, wilderness expansion, leisure tourism, health vacation, science education, folk culture experience and other tourism activities. The province is China's first ecological province, and the "tropical paradise" is the natural forest oxygen bar closest to the city. Ticket notice: 1. Opening hours: 8:00-17:302. Children's ticket: 90 yuan for children between 1.2m and 1.4m, free ticket for children below 1.2m. 60 years old --70 years old with ID card 90 yuan, 70 years old with ID card free scenic tickets (only), into the park to take a tour bus, you need to buy 40 yuan/bit tour tickets. 4. Other (such as military officer card, press card, revolutionary mutilation card, etc.) vouchers are free of scenic spot tickets (only); To enter the park to take the tour bus need to buy 55 yuan/ticket.

Transport to subtropical Paradise Forest Park

1, bus route: West station - Municipal Party Committee - Da - Tian Du-Ya. It runs every 30 minutes. 2. Shinkoku Line double-decker sightseeing bus (upper deck is open, lower floor has air conditioning) : Route: Ya - Tai - Wan - West Island Pier - Cape. Half an hour, 7:00 morning bus, 19:00 Cape last bus, travel about 70 minutes. END

To subtropical paradise forest park features landscape

The subtropical paradise Forest Park has a natural giant Buddha, a "leading stone" called the mountain god by local farmers, and pieces of tropical rain forest! The park has more than 30 species of mammals, more than 60 species of amphibians and reptiles, and more than 100 species of birds. More than 20 kinds of butterflies make the park a veritable butterfly kingdom. Climbing to the top of the mountain, leaning over the fence overlooking, suddenly suddenly enlightened, Asia, urban areas and other places net fundus. In the park, dozens of novel landscapes such as flying stone, cave, Qianli Pavilion, flying dragon stone, promotion stone, money tree, stone, fairy feet, lychee garden, empty cable bridge, rainforest trestle, and empty have been developed. The five-star Bird's Nest Resort Tropical Paradise built in Forest Park has a total of 142 single-family villas and guest rooms. The unique style of its resort construction, supporting facilities and equipment perfect high-end, more surprising. The first sea view in the world to appreciate the "first bay in the world", only in the single perspective of the beach, the coast, the plane perspective is far from enough to appreciate her style. In the subtropical forest park at different heights, different angles to enjoy the sub-, one is a more hierarchical depth of field, near the blue trees and red flowers, far mountains undulating; Second, there is a broader and broad vision, the sky is high and the clouds are light, the stadium is green, and the sea and the sky are the same color in the extreme view, the real sea and the sky, the real "the sky is high and the birds fly, the sea is wide and the fish leap".


The world's rare tropical rainforest landscape The world's only tropical rainforest in South America, Southeast Asia and other very few areas, and China's tropical rainforest only He island, and the island has only Limu Mountain, Bawang Mountain, Jianfengling, Hang, etc., but because of the long road, inconvenient transportation, it is difficult to show the world its style. Subtropical rainforest protection is basically intact, the rainforest landscape is quite representative and ornamental, deeper close to the urban area, located in the Asian side of the geographical location, so that tourists are very convenient to see the Chinese tropical rainforest landscape.


"East Dragon" culture "East Dragon" refers to the dragon veins, subscenic spots and national tourist resorts composed of Yalong Ling and Hongxia Ling. In the sub-forest park, the Chinese traditional interpretation is more prominent and harmonious, highlighting the "East dragon and west Phoenix" culture.


Appreciate the natural giant Buddha, pray for happiness Hongxia mountain end of the natural giant Buddha is not only the god of the town, but also the God. Its image resembles the Maitreya Buddha meditating with clasped palms, and some people call it "old man's head stone" and "leading stone", and local people respect it as a mountain god. Its image is vivid and vivid, its huge volume is rare in the world, and there are many cultural precipitation for it among the people. People may wish to have a variety of spiritual sustenance, while respecting the natural giant Buddha, pray for happiness. END

Special reminder

First, sunscreen with 2 bottles of SPF30, to waterproof sweat, as long as it is exposed to the outside of the skin is best to apply. It's best to apply it every half hour. Two, mosquito repellent, towel, sun umbrella, sunglasses, visor, swimsuit, swimming cap, goggles, etc., to colorful clothes, so suitable for photography. Third, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, hair essence, hair comb (Yuhai International hair comb quality is still very good, if you live in Yuhai, then you can not take), it is best to wrap your hair around, the day is hot, damp; Iv. And charger, DV and charger. Camera rack. You have to bring it if you want to take group photos. In addition, it is best to bring a notebook (preferably a small, lightweight type) [In our experience we are on this trip, a total of more than 4000 photos, the camera with four, a DV camera, if there is no notebook data can not be exported]. Five, be sure to bring a few bags, the reason is very simple, when you come back with Dongdong back, you can directly pack the bag, do not pack (some fruits can not be air, air are broken.) There are children's household register, adult ID card must not forget. Six, the water in the scenic area is very expensive, we recommend to bring some water, not too much, because the fruit is relatively cheap, buy some fruit, and drink a little water, so that the water of the day will be made up. Seven, the guide to sell things in the place is best not to buy anything, especially expensive, fruit and local products of small packaging are the same very expensive. Seven, if the first time to play, it is best to go with the group, so that you can understand the general geography, human feelings, customs, etc., if it is the second line or no children can choose to travel freely, I think it is not or the whole is around the sea, all the trips, so the map with their own travel is OK, the advantage is that the time can be controlled by themselves, In addition, where there is no need to go, time can be saved. END