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How to play a two-day road trip

2018-03-15 08:00:47

County is located in the east of the province, the west of the city, close to the hilly terrain, known as "eight mountains, one water and one field." The forest coverage rate of the county reached 77.9%, and the east is connected to the sea, the south is adjacent to the county, the west is adjacent to the county and the north is adjacent to the county. Between about 28.5°-29° North latitude, the linear distance between north and south is 57.6 km, between about 120°-121° East longitude, and the linear distance between east and west is 63.6 km. It is a millennium with a long history and culture and outstanding people, and has been selected as the creation list of the top 100 counties and cities with investment potential, the top 100 counties and cities with green development, and the pilot area for the integrated development of rural one, two and three industries.

Main attraction

God: Win with primitive wild interest, many strange peaks and stones. Here also includes attractions: ask the west cataxima Temple site smell Xiao Tai Xixian waterfall nine elephant nose lock Xianxingtai Qiming pavilion Kunpeng wings elephant nose waterfall flying sky waterfall Guanyin Cave waterfall Skyscraper canyon view bridge West Prajna bridge mirror Tai Leshoutai


At the intersection of water and land of the ancient Salt Road in the southeast of the ancient town of Piltan, the "dragon" type ancient street paved with pebbles is rare. You can buy some interesting gadgets in the old town, and you can also buy some special products, bayberry, organic tea.


Jingxingyan Scenic Spot Jingxingyan is not big, you can climb to the top and look at the terraces below the mountain


Gaoqian ancient folk house is one of the most representative ancient villages in eastern Zhejiang


Tongjiang Academy experience the thousand-year academy culture, taste the farming culture

Itinerary suggestion

Due to the short time of two days, it is recommended to choose their favorite attractions, not blindly greedy. Day 1: Gaoqian Ancient Village → Jingxingyan Road → Rest Day 2: Shen → Piltan Ancient Town → End

Matters needing attention

Because it is a tourist city, the consumption of the county is relatively high.


Holiday will be especially traffic, pay attention to traffic safety


Ropeway holiday need to queue up, there are mountaineering needs recommend a pair of suitable shoes