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How to match wine in Western wedding banquet?

2018-03-15 14:24:25

In the western food etiquette is very particular about wine with dishes, and in the long-term diet practice summed up a set of matching rules: generally a variety of steak or roast beef, the most suitable choice of strong dry red wine; Mutton dishes such as lamb chop, roast lamb, is suitable for light red wine; Pork such as ham, roast meat, suitable for champagne, sweet white wine; Poultry dishes, should choose red wine, sweet white wine; Game dish flesh color light, delicious taste, suitable for the choice of light red wine. In general, is the taste of light dishes with a light flavor, light color wine to match, dark meat and poultry dishes with a strong flavor of wine to match. According to the different western dining links, red lily wedding planner to specifically introduce the Western food in drinking is divided into dinner wine, dinner wine, sweet wine, dinner wine four kinds of wine. Aperitif, as the name suggests, is the wine to drink before using Western food! Many Western guests like to drink a glass of wine with appetizing function before the meal, the biggest feature of this kind of wine is the aroma, stimulate the appetite, the wine usually contains little sugar, the taste or sour, or dry strong, even if it is a sweet pre-dinner cocktail, the taste is not very sweet. Wine to drink during meals, usually dry red, dry white and so on. Generally edible cold head dish or seafood food are accompanied by dry white; Meat food with dry red. If you are not well versed in the rules of Western food selection and do not want to lose etiquette, it does not matter that you can choose champagne, because champagne can be paired with any kind of food when it is paired with Western food. Sweet food is not only important but also an indispensable part of Western food, when using sweet food, Western food also has a relative sweet wine to match. Sweet wine is a wine made of wine as the main raw material, because the wine mixed with brandy or edible alcohol and other raw materials, so he belongs to the preparation of wine. The base liquor of this type is very low in alcohol content, and has a certain juice flavor and sweetness. After the meal, in the face of such a rich and delicious western meal, not everyone will eat a full. If you're worried about your digestive system, it's time to order an after-dinner drink. After dinner wine is also known as liqueur, this kind of wine is mixed with many herbs, after drinking can dissolve food in knot, promote digestion. The name "liqueur" is more commonly used in the bar and restaurant industry than the after-dinner wine. An after-dinner wine is usually between 20 and 40 degrees alcohol, sweet and high in sugar!