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How to make money online

2018-04-10 03:12:14

I have also been exploring this aspect and sharing some useful experiences


In recent years, we media has developed rapidly, you can operate your own public number or, write articles, attract fans. Now the public number is developed to 5000 fans can open traffic master, earn a certain amount of advertising fees.


Do the anchor you can choose to live on the platform, you can also go to the platform, record their own voice, if there is a certain knowledge and skills easier to earn revenue sharing, advertising fees and rewards.


Coding can go to the eight Jie day pay online and other platforms, however, now coding money has earned very little, a day to earn ten pieces.


Do alliance to mother's alliance to register an account, promote their products, others through the link you promote to buy, you can earn commission. But if you have enough fans on your platform or website, that's not bad.


Do video you can release your own original video, or release some video playing games, Youku, 56 video and other platforms have video sharing plans to earn advertising fees.


Write a novel Jinjiang, starting point, etc. are relatively large and famous novel websites, register an account, apply to become an author, you can start to write a novel. Forty and sixty percent of the site. But novice earnings are generally not good, because there is no name, no one to watch. To write well and long-term persistence, like Gu Man is now very profitable. Because after the novel is famous, it can be published and made into a movie and TV series.


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Matters needing attention

Net earning is not the basis for getting rich, the most important thing is to keep learning and enriching yourself.