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How to make a video

2018-03-13 00:00:23

On the Internet or in daily life, we can always see many videos with different characteristics. So how do you make cool, awesome videos quickly? Yumi is here today to teach you how to make videos using the first all-purpose free video production and video editing software - "Love Clip". The following is based on my personal experience, with you to share the use of love clip video production process.


Love clip


Add video, set music to video In the "Video" panel, click the "Add video" button to add video. Then, switch to the "Audio" panel and click the "Add Audio" button to insert nice music or sound effects that complement the video.


In the pop-up "Preview/Capture" dialog box, capture the video clip, switch to the "Magic features" TAB, you can also speed up, slow down or freeze the video, all can be applied with one click. Ps: Many action movies and beautiful music videos are made in slow motion.


One click to beautify the video, render "Japanese", "Po" and other colors like the production of photos, we are often not satisfied with the light effect of the video, the skin condition of the characters, don't worry! Love clip can beautify the video with one click, make the video more beautiful! We just need to click on the "Beautify" TAB in the "Picture Style" panel, select "one-click beauty", or free to add "skin", "whitening", "Po color", "Japanese" and other beautification effects, you can have a hot drama heroine's skin and temperament!


In the "picture style" panel of Love Clip, you can also add "dazzling", "cool blue", "streamer" and other filter effects to the video, which can make the video show a romantic and hazy beauty. In addition, in order to make the video more vivid, love clip can also add "fire prairie", "petals flying", "ink dizzy", "snowflake rotation" and other moving effects with one click!


Add blockbuster Hollywood subtitle special effects to the video with one click, and of course add subtitles. In Love Clips, just click the "Subtitle Effects" TAB and double-click the video preview box on the right. The software includes psychedelic light spot, flame jet, ink drip, water drop impact, cool light ball, lightning blast and other blockbuster Hollywood subtitle effects, all just need to click on the application, novice can easily create cool videos! If you need to make MTV or karaoke effect video, Love clip can also import LRC lyrics file or KSC lyrics file for the video with one click, intelligent rendering of MTV or karaoke subtitle effects, just switch to the "MTV" panel and click "Import LRC lyrics" button, or switch to the "Karaoke" panel and click "Import KSC lyrics" button. Very convenient!


After the video is finished, just click the "Export video" button, you can export the video with one click!