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How to lodge an effective Complaint

2018-02-21 04:48:00

No delivery, repeated complaints to no avail. This is because the complaint channel is not right. You go to the parents. Are they gonna fight? This time, we will introduce the channel complaint method, which can effectively fine and enterprises. Come and have a look.




We open the browser, go to the official website of the National Bureau, click on the National Bureau complaint website.


Or we can search the national complaint directly and go to the official website. Then click Sign up at the top right and sign in.


After entering the page, you can see the current complaint situation, you can click the complaint button to continue the complaint.


According to the need to fill in the information, generally do not deliver to the door, or without permission to the collection point, can choose delivery services. As for whether to appeal to the enterprise, you can first make a call and then fill in the appeal. In general, appeals to enterprises are ineffective, but also from the channel to go through the process.


Select the result of the complaint and the date, and then continue to fill in, here the complainant, the complainant writes his own. Others can be abbreviated, the sender can fill in the province, do not know to write 114. The recipient's name can be abbreviated, Wang.


The order number must be written correctly, and the content of the appeal must be truthfully filled in. Remember not to use extreme language, and you can use screenshots for evidence. Fill it out, submit it and wait for a call. Generally, the sender will acknowledge the error, and then the recipient apologizes, and it is said that the relevant personnel will be fined. This is a much more reliable way to complain than to complain.

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