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How to let children obediently go to school (kindergarten)?

2018-03-28 03:12:05

The most troublesome thing for parents is to see their children crying and crying not to go to school, some children are relatively young, go to kindergarten can not take care of themselves, parents are not at ease, but also very helpless, most parents have to work. Today Xiaobian to share with you the experience of letting children obediently go to school, I hope to help you!




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Communicate more with children, whether it is a child in the kindergarten or a teacher, can become a topic of discussion with children. For children who love to express themselves, the slide at the door of the class may also become her favorite. Sometimes a child doesn't want to go to school just because one of the new kids in class touches her twice, she's afraid of the other kids, and she doesn't want to go to school anymore.


Encourage children, let children quickly find themselves, in the kindergarten can be happy to play and learn. Pick up the child on time every day, let the child have a special sense of trust in the parents, let the child know that no matter what happens, dad or mom will be more on time to pick her up from school. Communicate with the child more, let the child tell the happy and unhappy things every day. Then help the child with psychological guidance.


For some festivals, the Mid-Autumn Festival, the general teacher will ask the children's parents to bring some fruit to let the children share, for such a small thing, parents must not be too stingy, only bring an apple or pear what, because some parents may be due to good economic conditions will prepare more fruit for their children, the teacher will like their children a little more. What I want to say is that teachers are also normal people and have the same psychology as normal people. We can better cooperate with the requirements of teachers if the economic conditions allow, so as not to let our children feel alienated and unhappy.


Parents can communicate more with other parents, more understanding of other children, especially the children who start school, live relatively close, can play together on weekends, so that both children can better adapt to school life, because with the company, the child's heart has to rely on, the day will go faster!


Parents communicate more with teachers, learn more about their children's performance in kindergarten, what are not adapted and so on. So that parents can do a good job of children's psychological work.