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How to learn psychological counseling techniques well?

2018-04-08 01:37:00

Psychological consultant is a noble profession of helping people to help themselves. If you want to become an excellent psychological consultant, how should you learn psychological consulting technology well?


The learning therapy should not be too simple, and you should have an understanding of various therapies such as cognitive therapy, psychoanalysis, sand table therapy, home therapy, behavior therapy, emotional focus, music therapy, and conversation therapy, and comprehensively apply them in the consultation process to help clients solve problems.


Adhere to team learning, regular supervision, psychological counselors if alone, will not go long;


According to their own characteristics and strengths, choose a suitable for their own therapy, it will learn thoroughly;


Constantly improve their own personality, cultivate their own compassion, learn tolerance and acceptance, unconditional support, care for visitors;


On the basis of learning the theoretical knowledge of psychological counseling, improve their consulting skills, practice their listening, interpretation, clarification, spirit and other abilities, so that they have a solid basic skills;


Do not forget the original intention, and put the client's interests first. When the consultant cannot consult the client at his own pace according to his actual situation in the consultation process, the consultant should be aware of it in time and make adjustments. The pace should not be too fast, and the consultant should take care of the client's inner feelings, so that he can unconsciously awaken, discover and grow without pain.


At the beginning, it is best to sort out the verbatim draft, repeatedly think about those inappropriate places, think about how to do better for the visitor, and learn lessons, pay attention to and improve in the future consultation process;


Constantly cultivate yourself, improve your awareness, in the consultation process, if you can include yourself and the visitor into the care at the same time, relax the alert, then through the visitor's complaint, the consultant can make the best response in time, which is the best technology that a psychological consultant should have.