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How to keep mosquitoes away from us in summer and prevent being bitten

2018-05-06 03:12:53

How to keep mosquitoes away from us in summer and prevent being bitten


Common sense of life


There are many mosquitoes in summer, and some people are especially attractive to mosquitoes. The most common, is to spray toilet water, spray mosquito spray, etc., but the buy is not good, the effect is the opposite, but more like mosquitoes, I do not know whether mosquitoes produce immunity or mosquitoes like this taste.


In the summer, try not to go barefoot, close to the mosquito hiding below us. You can wear stockings or socks.


Mosquito bites are acidic, so use an alkaline treatment. It is said that you can take soapy water, washing powder water, its smell is more fragrant, to attract mosquitoes, and then use alkaline to deal with mosquitoes.


If you are bitten by a mosquito, you can apply toothpaste or spit, or you can get soap to wash it and then rinse it off. Because after being bitten, we will instinctively scratch or apply some cool oil, wind oil, etc., and the more the result, the more itchy.


It is also said that you can eat some heavy smell, mosquitoes do not like. Garlic.


Or put seasonal flowers, but send regular change, otherwise it will give birth to mosquitoes. Some flowers, mosquitoes don't like to be near.


In addition, we have burned wormwood and other mosquito repellent plants to repel mosquitoes.


Keep the surroundings clean and ventilated. Do not go near weeds outside, etc. Try not to wear shorts and the like, because most of the bites are on the exposed feet, legs, especially sandals. It's bitten on a nerve. It itches.

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