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How to install Windows 10 system

2018-03-12 11:12:14

The rapid upgrading of computer hardware has led to the replacement of operating systems. WIN10 system slowly into people's eyes. With the emergence of the GHOST WIN10 system installation disk, the installation of WIN10 system is becoming easier to master. Today, learn with you to install WIN10 system with Chinese cabbage U disk start disk


GHOST WIN10 system image file cabbage U disk boot disk




Start the computer with the Chinese cabbage USB boot disk, and run the PE system on the USB disk. After entering the PE system, double-click the icon of "Cabbage one-click installation machine (Alt+Z)". At this time, a prompt window will pop up, because the installation system does not need to connect to the network, so directly click the button "No" to enter the next step


After the prompt window closes. Please select the operation you need, please select install system. Please select the image file, if the image file is stored in the root directory of the USB flash drive, the image file will appear directly in the file address bar. After selecting the partition for installing Windows 10 system, you can click the "Execute" button


A prompt window will appear. Check the two options related to the WIN10 system, and then click the button "yes" to enter the system file writing window


In the system file write window, remember to select "Restart after completion". If this option is checked, the computer will automatically restart after the system file is written


After the computer restarts, the WIN10 system will be automatically installed until the WIN10 system installation is complete.