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How to improve the happiness index of married life?

2018-05-05 08:00:34

In modern civilized society, people's pace of life is accelerating, many marriages encounter problems, the survey shows that many couples feel that life is not happy and satisfied, which will become an important factor for the high divorce rate in modern society, then, how should we improve our marriage happiness index?




A heart for a happy life


1, from the heart to recognize the partner your marriage partner is your true love, is derived from your heart to the other half of the recognition and love. Some female friends, because of their older age and fear of becoming a leftover woman, are in a hurry to marry themselves off, so that whether this person is the life partner you are looking for is not clear, this is how ridiculous things. If the other person is not the lover you recognize from your heart, then please don't rush to make a choice, this will only make your life and marriage unhappy, out of many aspects of dissatisfaction, marriage will show a lot of contradictions. Xiaobian here also suggest that all female friends, to find the man who really loves you to stay together for a lifetime, don't easily destroy your happiness!


2, the learning of happy communication is very important, there is no good communication between husband and wife, just like the sky shrouded in dark clouds, making people very uncomfortable, on the contrary, if the husband and wife can be very rational communication, then any problem will be to clear the clouds. In life, we often see a lot of couples because of the quarrel more and more severe, the final loss of both, this is why? In fact, it is not because they have no feelings, but the way of communication is wrong, which leads to unhappiness between each other. Therefore, as a woman, to learn to communicate happiness, that is, to use your gentle words to treat anything, rather than swearing, vexatious, in the communication to let the other party understand what you need, what you want to change, so that the other party really understand, is the best way for the couple to maintain their feelings.


3, the couple grew up together in life, many families in the man's career more and more thriving, the woman chose to be a full-time wife at home, comfortable life so that they are very satisfied, over time, your husband in continuous progress, and you are always in place, gradually, the couple lost the early love of the kind of common language, That's why so many women stay at home and their families fall apart. Therefore, women must be self-reliant, grow together with each other, make progress together, and always remind themselves that even without the man around them, they also live wonderful and beautiful, which is the premise for a woman to live beautiful, but also to maintain a happy marriage.


No man does not like his wife to treat himself gently, no matter how strong or independent you are a woman, spoiled must be the course you need to learn, it is the lubricant of a happy marriage, learned, your marriage will be long happy oh!


5, to love yourself and constantly improve yourself Your own lovely aspects are what attract a spouse, believe in your own worth, respect your own wishes and requirements, be a whole person, not half of someone else. It is necessary to obtain the unity of external beauty and internal beauty through continuous improvement, in order to maintain lasting attraction.


Careful care of emotions can be a hundred years to cherish the people you love, cherish your pillow. When there is a quarrel, an active and sincere apology, an open-minded self-criticism, and a good expression can soften the angry emotions of both sides, and even deepen the understanding and love of each other because of communication and negative emotions.