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How to go to the United States to give birth to a child

2018-03-25 16:00:49

After March 16, the US Embassy visa process has been redesigned, claiming to be simpler, more convenient and faster, but the result is more complicated, more troublesome and more torturous! The little green mom knew firsthand, crashed, crashed, all afternoon and all night. Yesterday, little Green mother filled in the DS-160 form for a 4-year-old baby, because her father and mother have visas, the baby can not carry the visa, can only be delivered by China Citic Bank. Before the embassy revision, the agent delivery is very simple, three steps: fill out the DS-160 form online, print the confirmation page; China Citic Bank to submit information; 1-2 week visa mailed home. After the revision of the procedure is extremely complex, more than before N steps, CITIC Bank to run two trips, pick up a trip, online to register and log in several places, to click countless "next", the following details:


Fill out form DS-160 online and print the confirmation page


Go to the U.S. Embassy visa page to register and log in


Answer 4 questions about proxy delivery After login, click "Next" according to the instructions, select the visa type and non-face-to-face visa delivery service; Fill in the basic information of the applicant, the key is to fill in the DS-160 form exclusive; Answer 4 questions about visa-free, if you meet the conditions, choose a good pick-up address, you will come to the payment page.


There are two options to get the CGI code for payment on the payment page: CITIC Bank counter and debit card online payment. Click on any of these options, a CGI code will appear, remember this, whether it is CITIC counter or ATM, or online payment needs this.


Payment of Visa fee Any bank debit card can be used to pay, but you need to follow the prompts to the CITIC Financial website. Yesterday, the little green mother tossed about for a long time, registered an account, but tried more than N debit cards, failed, can not figure out the reason. Finally, the child's father went to the CITIC ATM to pay. Please refer to the embassy website for the ATM payment method.


After the payment is completed, the receipt will appear, click Next, and a document submission letter with the applicant's name, passport and receipt will be printed out.


Citic Bank to complete the above N complicated steps, go to the CITIC Bank counter again, submit the following information: confirmation letter; DS-160 form confirmation page; Copies of your baby's passport, photo and birth certificate; Copies of the first page and visa of Mom and dad's passport.


After submitting the status query information, you can check the processing status via the link below, select the non-immigrant visa, and enter the DS-160 form only.


After the passport collection status display is Issued, make a confirmation to CITIC Bank that the passport has arrived, and pick up the passport according to the selected collection address.

Matters needing attention

After looking at the above steps, do you no longer want to apply for a visa? The old United States is not good, we China can sell train tickets on 12306, ten thousand times stronger than them, after the New Year Festival, we can not brush tickets, really don't scold the Ministry of Railways!