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How to get to the Bund?

2018-03-29 20:48:56

The Bund, located in the yellow bank of the heart area, has been designated as the British concession since 1844, becoming the true portrayal of the ten Li Foreign field, and also the starting point of the old concession area and the whole modern city. The hundred-year history of the concession was not ended until 1943. The Bund is 1.5 kilometers long, from the East Road in the south to the Waibadu Bridge on the river in the north, the east is Huang, and the west is the concentration of old financial and foreign trade institutions. In recent years, the Bund has increasingly become one of the must-visit attractions, especially the night view of the Bund, the beauty of people linger.


Backpack, or other camera equipment, personal identification


Warm clothes for night view, running shoes for easy walking, drinking water, common medicines


It is best to choose late spring or autumn to go to the Bund, because the most beautiful thing about the Bund is the night view of the Bund, the winter and early spring are still very cold, and the summer is really too hot. Secondly, we also have to choose good weather, too heavy haze or rainy days are not suitable for travel.


The Bund is located in the yellow Bank of the city, you can take Metro Line 2 or Metro Line 10 to the East Road station can be, near the road pedestrian street, People's Square, Lujiazui and so on. There are fewer bus routes and many more, which can be easily done in one go.


In principle, the Bund is open all day for free, but because the main purpose of playing the Bund is to enjoy the night view of the Bund, it is recommended that you come in the afternoon. In the morning, you can go to the surrounding road pedestrian street, People's Square.


The main attractions of the Bund are the garden, the Waibadu Bridge, the large granite relief, the Sixteen shops, the Chen Yi Square, the sightseeing tunnel, the waterfall clock, the Bund romantic Wall, the Bund lights at night. Among them, the sightseeing tunnel is to charge a special fee, about this, etc., in the characteristics of the play inside.


The Bund is indeed free to play in the ordinary mode, and you can choose to take a cruise if you feel that it is not enough. Sitting on a cruise ship while eating delicious food, while enjoying the night scenery on both sides of the Yellow River, the price of a cruise ship is about 100 yuan. Secondly, you can also visit the sightseeing tunnel, which costs 50 one way and 60 round trip. Visit time is 9--21.30. Sightseeing tunnel can take you to appreciate the magic of time travel, appreciate the stimulation of magma jet.


There are countless delicacies on the Bund here, City God Temple pear paste sugar, steamed cold mix, crab shell yellow, open onion oil noodles, City God Temple spiced beans, Taobashi muffin, Kanazawa number one cake, "Five Fang Zhai" cake, Ye Xie soft cake, lobster slices, whole egg Saqima, peaches, Fengjing Ding hoof, pear paste sugar, canned anchovies can let you eat!


The Bund has gathered many four five-star wines, such as the Waldorf along the way and the Peninsula. Facing west is the Westin and Helen Hotel. People's Square has Amy World Trade Center. As for the cheaper quick wine, bed and breakfast are also available.

Sum up

Pick a sunny afternoon, back a backpack, prepared personal identity documents, commonly used drugs, cold clothes, change a pair of long-distance jogging shoes to visit the Bund! Take subway Line 2 or Line 10 to Donglu Station, enjoy the scenery along the way, eat food, and stroll until 6 or 7 p.m. Then stand on the yellow side, remote look at the opposite pearl night scenery charming. Spend a little money to make yourself more happy, see the fantastic sightseeing tunnel, ride a cruise ship under the flickering lights... It doesn't matter how late you play, there are plenty of inexpensive wine and homestays around the Bund that will definitely make you feel at home.

Matters needing attention

Bund tourism pay attention not to run to the densely populated places, tread carefully.


Lots of people beware pickpockets.


Food is generally sweet, people with high blood sugar should pay attention to diet control.